The Partners Programme Structure

The Partners Programme Structure

The Programme is an iterative multi-level conversation with your current and past partners consisting of the following stages designed to generate rich, actionable feedback:

Initial data collection The confidential kick-off survey starts the conversation. It is sent to the key executives in your partners and potential partners. Your contacts are offered the opportunity of skipping the kick-off survey and going straight to the conversation.

Follow up conversations Respondents who give feedback in the kick-off survey are invited to participate in a confidential one-to-one follow-on conversation addressing issues raised by their feedback. This conversation takes place through email, social media, messaging services and/or video with one of Silico's senior team members with a deep experience of conducting this type of conversation.

Non-respondents to the kick-off survey invitation, the 'survey adverse', will be approached directly to join the conversation through whichever channel is most convenient for them. So capturing another valuable source of intelligence.

Analysis This conversation uncovers the motivations and thought processes lying behind the respondent's views and decisions. It reveals the truths that lie beneath the surface rather than statements and data skimmed from the top.

Presentation Where the respondent gives their consent the audio and video recordings will form part of the presentation of the feedback to the client so that they can examine how things are said as well as what is said.

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